Basketball Competition

Revised 2014

1. Conducting of Matches

a) All games will be conducted under the rules of the current F.I.B.A rulebook except where these by-laws over rule them. All games will operate within the guidelines of the M.C.S Code of Conduct, in a manner reflecting our professionalism as teachers. (An exception to the Code of Conduct being that coaches are permitted to coach their teams.)

2. Grades

a) There will be five (5) grades of competition. A and B Grades for Year 12 schools; as well as Year 10 Opens, Year 9 Opens and Year 8 Opens grades for all schools.

3. Eligibility

a) To be eligible for A and B Grade, a boy must be in Year 11 or lower at the start of the season. In the New Year any boys repeating Year 12 may play. The Year 10 Opens team is open to any boy in Year 9 or below in Term 4 when the competition commences. In the New Year any boy repeating Year 10 may play. The Year 9 Opens team is open to any boy in Year 8 or below in Term 4 when the competition commences. The Year 8 Opens team is open to any boy in Year 7 in Term 4 when the competition commences. Provided the convenor is notified coaches may add Year 7 students in Term 1 of the New Year.

b) Primary school boys are not eligible for the Year 8 Opens team.

c) Any player who has played three (3) games in a higher grade cannot return to the lower grade.

d) Players may only play in one team each Thursday.

e) Names of the players must be on the score sheet before the start of the grade, otherwise they are not allowed to play.

f) Any player who is under suspension in one grade may not play in another grade.

g) All eligible players, including those joining the school in the New Year, must be registered, with the convenor, at least one day before taking the court.

h) All players must wear the correctly numbered singlet. (By Law 22) No players are to have the numbers recorded on their arms.

i) Win or lose, the team will lose two competition points if they do not comply with Eligibility 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10.

4. Game Times

a) All grades will play twenty (20) minutes halves. The clock will not stop for time-outs. The clock will stop for all dead ball periods in the last minute of the game. If a player fouls out of the game with five (5) personal fouls then his coach is entitled to thirty (30) seconds before making a substitution during this time the clock will not stop.

In the event of a drawn game during the regular season the match will be deemed a draw. There will be no extra time.

The Semi Finals and Grand Finals in all competitions will be played as 20 minute halves. The clock will stop for all timeouts. The clock will stop for all dead periods in the last minute of the game.

The shot clock will not be used at any stage of the season.

Five (5) minutes extra time will be played for drawn games in semi-finals and finals and if necessary consecutive five (5) minute periods will be played until a result has been reached. The clock will stop for all dead periods in the last minute of each period of extra time.

Each team will be entitled to one time out per half, they do not accumulate if not used. The clock will stop only for time outs in the second half.

All other rules as per FIBA apply.

b) Year 8 Opens and Year 10 Opens games commence at 1.00pm. Year 9 and B Grade will commence at 1.50pm and A Grade game following immediately after at 2.40pm.

c) A ten (10) minute grace period will be granted for teams running late. However, after this time has elapsed and five (5) players are not on the court ready to play, the game shall be forfeited. (Penalty see Article 20ii)� In the spirit of this competition, every effort should be made to get a game played. In light of this, if an agreement can be reached between schools one, two or all games may be shortened to accommodate scheduled games that afternoon. Protests regarding this rule may be lodged after the game to the convenor as per Article 29.

5. Duty Teams

a) Teams will provide one referee and one score table person to do duty on their own schools game. (By Law 17) These people will ideally be qualified referees. (Note: It is in each schools best interest and in the best interest of the competition if teams could organize a qualified referee to do their games.)
If this is not possible, the referee and the bench person must be a teacher or senior student (Years 10, 11 or 12 students). A suitable Year 8 Open player may be used on the score table.

b) These should be the only people on the bench. Scoresheets must be completed and signed by the referees and the coaches of the duty teams. The original copy of the scoresheet must be given to the venue supervisor.

c) The names of the referees should be clearly indicated on the scoresheet.

d) Failure to do duty properly may result in the loss of three competition points to the team concerned.

e) The coach of the duty team should actively assist their team with duty.

6. The Competition

a) The A and B Grades, Year 10, Year 9, and Year 8 Opens competitions will be run over one (1) round.

b) In each competition, two (2) points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw (1) and no (0) points for a loss. Failure to do duty will result in the loss of three (3) competition points. No points will be awarded for a bye.

In the event of a forfeit, for and against points will be awarded as per the F.I.B.A rules: That is, the score will be entered as twenty (20) to zero (0) against the team that forfeited.

c) The semi-finals for all grades will be played as 1st versus 4th and 2nd versus 3rd. In the event of two teams being on equal points at the conclusion of the rounds then, for and against over the entire course of the season shall apply to determine final standings. The two winning semi-finalists will then play in the grand-final.  To be eligible for semi-finals and grand-finals a player must have participated in two (2) competition games with the team competing.
d) A Size Seven ball will be used for all divisions.

7. Uniforms

a) All teams are to be in correctly numbered singlets (ie 4 - 15, 20 - 25, 30 - 35. 40 - 45, 50 - 55) and shorts which are the same basic colour and design. Socks must be a pair and fit in with the rest of the uniform. Failure to comply will result in the referee not allowing the player to enter the game.

8. Misconduct

a) Any player, sent from the court on a disqualifying foul by an official black and white referee, would automatically miss the next competition game. Players sent from the court for striking a referee or for fighting will go before the Judiciary, who will decide on a graver penalty, if they deem such is necessary.
b) If a player (or coach) has been disqualified (sent off) from a game, then the two referees must fill out a report form detailing the dismissal. (These reports are available from the venue supervisor.) All reports are to be completed before leaving the stadium. These forms are to be lodged with the venue supervisor who will forward them by fax to the convenor with the result sheet.

9. Convenor

a) Shall decide on matters not covered in these by-laws.

b) Shall decide on matters regarding disputes, controversies or suspensions.

c) Shall collate and circulate results and points tables including for and against percentages.

10. Cost

a) Each team competing will have to pay in advance for court costs. The M.C.S Association will supply trophies and pennants. Each school is responsible for organizing and paying their own referees.

11. Venue Supervisor

a) The venue supervisor will have several responsibilities each week. These duties are:

- to provide scoresheets (1 score sheet per game together with the original for the convenor)
- to supply whistles for referees when necessary.
- to fax results and any report sheets to the convenor by 10.00 am Friday. This is a matter needing urgent attention if up-to-date tables are to be sent to schools promptly.
- to collect and file official score sheets. These are to be forwarded to the convenor each week.
- to oversee and take action if necessary to ensure that all games run smoothly at their venue.

12. Disputes

a) Any disputes in regard to the running of any match should be put in writing (countersigned by the Sports Master) and sent to the convenor by the Monday following the incident. The convenor will consult with the other coach involved and if no decision can be reached, he will furnish the disputes committee with relevant information. The disputes committee consists of the Convenor, the MCS Secretary and the MCS President.

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